Richard Stride has directed countless productions, films, and events. He has worked in a variety of theatres, open air venues and unusual theatre sites including producing and directing a show in a toilet. He has approached every show and film by using problems as way to be more creative in solutions. He relishes working with other creatives in coming up with new and groundbreaking ideas to tell the story. 

It is his belief that Directors need to know how to work with a team to achieve their vision. They must develop their ability to organise complex activities and the personal qualities needed to deal with actors and members of the production team. A director should also be able to develop a directorial style, conceive a production in terms of style and then set about making it work in reality with a group of actors, designers and technicians.

Richard Stride is also a qualified fight director and has choreograph many fights for theatre and films. He was also the double for Ewan McGregor in Star Wars episode 2 and 3. He has offered workshops and has worked as a drama teacher for all ages for more than 25 years.

Richard is also highly skilled in mime and mask work, TV and film and Shakespeare.

 Directing CV