Ten years ago, after having played in a great many films, I had the crazy idea of buying an old Georgian Theatre and restoring it and producing over 70% of its productions. It certainly had its challenges, but it gave me a unique opportunity to learn how to program, create new work and understand every aspect of live performance. We also worked with many TV and film production companies who used the venue as a location such as the BBC for its production of Titanic and it was also used as the location for the movie Solitary. It has and continues to give me valuable lessons, especially in my attitude towards the arts and has given me the utmost respect for anyone who embarks on putting on a production. It's also given me wonderful opportunities to play a wide variety of roles including the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet and a gay concentration camp victim during World War Two.


I'm a very versatile actor with a wide range of experience who loves the creative process and working and listening to new directors and creative people.